Retreats for Women at Sea Kiss Point

Women's Retreats


We specialize in retreats for women...women in transition, women seeking a retreat from daily stress, and women seeking to do specific healing work. Read more below.

Retreats for Women with Cancer


Because one of our leaders is a recent cancer survivor, we focus on providing a safe haven for women with cancer. More below.

Individual Retreats


We offer personalized one-on-one retreats for individuals seeking to relax, recharge and do specific healing work

Learn more below.

Writing Workshops


Writers, rediscover the muse within...find the quiet time you've been missing...immerse yourself in comfort and tranquility at a Sea Kiss Point writing workshop. Read on.

Retreat Dates

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We are currently booking individual retreats in October, November and December 2019. For more, visit our retreat calendar.

Retreat FAQs


COMING SOON - Click here to review some frequently asked questions about retreats offered at Sea Kiss Point in Maine. 

Your Retreat Leaders

A dedicated friendship

Maya and JuliAnne have cultivated their own friendship and work relationship for almost 20 years. They met in 2001 when both lived and worked in Denver, Colorado, and fast found a deep connection in their shared belief systems.

Committed work partners

Over the years, JuliAnne and Maya worked together on a number of healing projects. Maya also served as JuliAnne's writing coach on her third book, which hit #1 new release on Amazon 48 hours after its release in 2018. (Hint: Maya is a phenomenal coach and partner in helping her clients remove unseen blocks and birth new projects.)

Passionate about healing

Such is the trust and bond between these two women that Maya was the advocate JuliAnne called upon when she faced the biggest challenge of her life: a near death experience due to cancer.  This further solidified what had already been an incredible relationship. and when JuliAnne received her cancer-free diagnosis some months later, a new dream was born: Sea Kiss Point.

It is with the deepest sense of gratitude and humility that Maya and JuliAnne bring their years of transformational experiences, their commitment to healing and their enormous talents to serve the women who come to Sea Kiss Point.

Women's Retreats at Sea Kiss Point


Retreats for Women in Transition

As women, we are constantly navigating change in today's world: Death, divorce, job loss, job change, parenting challenges, aging parents, financial strain, health crises....the list can feel endless in our high stress society.

At Sea Kiss Point, we offer retreats for small groups of women. Our maximum guest count of four allows us to tailor what we offer to what you most need during your time here. Whether you choose a retreat that we schedule with a theme and meet new friends or if you and your besties all want time to be together, grow, laugh and heal, we will create the opportunity for you.  

If you are a painter, a healer, a writer, an individual who wants to find undivided time to work on you and you only, our secluded property surrounded by rugged beauty and the smell of the ocean that is right outside your door will make your time a time well spent. 

Look forward to luxury accommodations, healthy gourmet meals, one-on-one therapeutic sessions, group therapy, private coaching with JuliAnne, fun activities like painting, hiking, writing, yoga and plenty of down time to explore the breathtaking Maine coast or indulge yourself with yummy naps and reading a book. Any or all of this is possible when you attend one of our women's retreats at Sea Kiss Point.

Our women's retreats range from four to seven nights. 

Contact us for more.

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Retreats for Women with Cancer

Discover space and healing here.

Have you recently been diagnosed with cancer, or are you a woman currently in treatment for cancer? Have you recently been declared cancer-free and now rebuilding your life on new ground?

Part of the vision for Sea Kiss Point from the beginning has been to provide a safe haven and respite for women with cancer, Whether newly diagnosed, in treatment or recovering from treatment, our own JuliAnne Murphy who nearly died from terminal cancer treatment in 2018, made her way through the long journey not only to recovery but to full remission of stage four breast cancer.  As a result, JuliAnne has a deep commitment to sharing the healing environment here at Sea Kiss Point with other cancer patients and survivors as well as share her amazing story. 

In 2019, we are offering solely individual retreats for women with cancer. (See our calendar of up and coming retreats). The retreat format for women with cancer at Sea Kiss Point is customized to your unique needs, You can look forward to luxury accommodations, three healthy meals catered to specific dietary requirements, one-on-one personalized sessions with JuliAnne, one-on-one therapeutic healing services with Maya, and significant down time. 

We are currently booking individual retreats through 2019.

 See details further down this page.

Request an application here.

*It's important to note that women coming to these retreats must be physically ambulatory as the property was built prior to ADA-requirements. Nor does space allow for caregivers..


Individual Retreats

For women who need a break...

So many of us burn our candle 24/7. When do you give yourself time to fully rest, recharge and nurture yourself in order to replenish the deep well within? 

Are you struggling with a crisis or a deep wound?  Come. Surround yourself in nature. Sleep into the sounds of the birds and tuck yourself in with the evening crickets. Let us do the cooking.

Choose to do in depth healing work with Maya or JuliAnne...or simply rest, nap and take a break from the rest of your stressful life. Our goal? To help you replenish and rejuvenate on all levels. 

Did you just hear yourself exhale, "ahhh"? This can be your reality when you book an individual retreat at Sea Kiss Point in Midcoast Maine. 

The services we offer include some or all of the following: one of our luxury room or suites, three healthy gourmet meals, innovative healing modalities including restorative yoga, deep tissue massage, therapeutic EVOX sessions with Maya, private coaching consultations with JuliAnne plus lots and lots of catnaps with our cats, healing tea and quiet time for you to relax, and just be....wrapped in the arms of Mother Nature.

Start planning for your Ahhh here.


Find out more about individual retreats at Sea Kiss Point in Maine by watching this video.

Workships forWriters

Reignite the muse within...

Do you have writer's block? Or do you simply need to pull in and really focus on your latest writing project? Maybe you are needing to rediscover the zest behind your creativity? Come to Sea Kiss Point for a writing retreat with writing professionals. 

Available as either a one-on-one experience or in a small group setting, our Maine retreats for writers take place during the Maine winters, an ideal time to hunker down next to the fireplace with a hot cup of coffee and re-focus or re-discover what it is your writing has been missing. 

Receive uninterrupted attention from one or both of our writing retreat leaders who will help you hatch a new idea through creative practice, move through existing blocks or work on an existing project. You won't find better company when it comes to writing professionals: Maya is a long-time professional writing coach, award-winning screenwriter, filmmaker and author. JuliAnne is a three-time non-fiction best-selling author and active blogger. 

We can create for you the writing retreat that you need at Sea Kiss Point, Whether that's time to practice becoming a better writer, the ideal time to flesh out a dream project, to learn how to turn your book into a screenplay, or to simply disconnect completely and watch movies all day, allowing the muse to come upon you through rest. 

Are you ready to escape to Winter in Maine and find the rejuvenation you and your writing need? Contact us for availability. Everything is customizable.


Upcoming Retreat Dates

November 2019

Rejuvenate & Recreate - Our Inaugural Retreat for Women

Wednesday, November 6 - Monday, November 11

Are you overwhelmed by the demands of your corporate job? Stretched too thin between kids, aging parents and your relationships? Feeling like there's too little of you to go around...and that's in the moments when you even remember who you are? Stop the madness!

Capture this five-day Veteran's Day weekend just for YOU. Drop your cares at the door. Slip away to Maine for a much-needed respite. Spoil yourself. Forget what time it is as you relax into some fabulous girl time. Remember what it's like to be cared for in a safe, serene space. Leave the rest of the world and allow yourself the time and space you need to rejuvenate and fully let go before the holiday season. Indulge in naps, gourmet food, luxurious rooms, comfy robes, yummy massage and just the right amount of therapeutic support or daily coaching, if you choose. 

Inquire here for more details.

Hold On: Finding Relief amidst Chaos - Our Inaugural Retreat for Women with Cancer

Thursday, November 14 - Thursday, November 21

Are you a woman with cancer? Are you recently diagnosed? Feeling overwhelmed with fear? Or are you currently in treatment and feeling incredibly alone? Perhaps you've weathered the storm and come out the other side and now wonder, 'what next?'? Welcome. I've been there. I've walked these same dark paths. I've walked those miles in your shoes. I speak your language. 

And the language of cancer changed my life.

We are incredibly humbled to host this inaugural retreat for women with cancer at Sea Kiss Point in Maine. JuliAnne Murphy, our director, is a recent cancer survivor who overcame a terminal cancer diagnosis in 2018. One of the things she realized most poignantly through her own journey was that the tiny bit of time she had to interact with other women with cancer, who "spoke the language" was never enough. She wanted more. She needed more but the limited resources she found were not enough. This lack of connection and comfort in not finding her tribe were one of the hardest aspects of her cancer journey. As part of her second lease on life, she is committed to bringing these kinds of nurturing connections to women with cancer.

This is your chance to do be nurtured and accompanied by someone who has been through the darkest days you are traversing. Come. Let Mother Nature cradle you.  Release. Nap. Relax knowing that your meals are being prepared for you, no matter your dietary needs. Rest. Talk. Share. Or simply be quiet. This is a time for you, to be where you are. To talk (or not) with a fellow survivor about the things that have come up for you - the things no one told you or the things you discovered on your path. Depending on your situation, you may choose to partake in daily coaching with JuliAnne, individual therapy or discussions on a number of very personal topics as they relate to your experience with cancer. Vulnerable topics like communication, sex, relationships, body changes, body image, intimacy, food, friendships, financial struggles and mortality are some of the topics, among others, that are open for discussion.

This is a sacred, safe space, just for you. Come. Be. Feel seen. Get relief. After a sumptuous week, your load will feel lighter. Your heart will be released from carrying so much. And you'll come away refreshed. 

You need this. Every woman with cancer does. Contact us now for details and an application. This will be an incredibly personalized healing retreat.

December 2019

Writing Workshop: Is My Story Good Enough?

Thursday, December 5th - Tuesday, December 10th

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January 2020

Facing Your Mortality & Finding Your Freedom (for women with cancer)

Thursday, January 23 - Thursday, January 30

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February 2020

Kings & Queens - A Retreat for Couples

Thursday, February 6 - Tuesday, February 11

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